A letter to the Minister of Police, George Hawkins, originally from the Free Radical, the magazine of the Libertarianz

The Free Radical can be found online here

"Hi Mr Hawkins

I just heard you on the radio expressing how shocked you are that people use the Internet to pursue gambling in the "privacy of their homes". And how absolutely awful you think it is.

How shocking. Anything could happen. People might even have fun. And Helen would certainly want you to put a stop to that! After all, the only people allowed to have fun under a Labour government are criminals and state-tit-suckers.

God I'm sick of politicians. All you know how to do is legislate. Has it ever occurred to you how absolutely unnecessary you are? You create nothing --- except laws that crush and demoralise the best among us.

You contribute nothing --- except legislation that weighs down the productive with incomprehensible rules and regulations. You have NOTHING to offer. Nothing at all.

To paraphrase another productive individual who was as exasperated by the power-wielding maniacs of his own time and country as I am with you: "Go away!"

Stop attempting to tell me how to live my life. If I want to gamble on the Internet I will. I don't give a flying (expletive) what you think about it.

Although -- as you have the opportunity -- you might try to do something decent while you're still in office. Something that is actually related to the legitimate role of government.

You could give the police adequate funding.

Gasp! You might even tell them to stop persecuting ordinary people driving cars...and get the police to catch criminals again. I guess some re-training would be in order. But in the long run it would be worth it.

I won't hold my breath.

I've realized that your government has a hard time understanding what its role is. I know you haven't the faintest idea that defence, justice, and a police force are legitimate government functions.

But please do try to imagine why a properly-funded police force might be necessary. And not an optional extra. It's not a hard concept to grasp.

All you really need to do is keep foreign aggressors at bay, do the same to home-grown aggressors, and provide a means to settle disputes under law. After that ... you can go home."


"To the writer of this letter, Wayne Davies, the Free Radical Award. "

Although we are not quite as scathing of politicians or the current government as the writer, we fully agree with the sentiments expressed in the second half of the letter regarding police funding etc. Policing and Law and Order are absolutely core activities for any government. Get these wrong and much of the rest will be partly or largely wasted.

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