The Law and Order Referendum

and other related issues in New Zealand



Local Law and Order related sites

Sensible Sentencing Trust a large organisation working off the mandate established by the Referendum to press for longer sentences and a harder line on violent crime.
VOICE Victims Of Invasive CrimE, the group started by Greg Stenbeck and others that is pressing for longer sentences and less parole
Zero Tolerance To Crime Reporoa Rev John Turton's awesome website
Netsafe an impressive local Internet Safety site.
Crime.co.nz, a local crime site with Police involvement Has a lot of useful links
NZ Sporting Shooters Association Has a lot of indepth articles on law and order in general, well worth checking out even if you have no great interest in guns
Auckland Police Lots of info, plus a downloadable trespass notice
Police Resources page lots of useful info, including up to date statistics
NZ Department of Courts Some useful information
NZ Corrections And here
NZ Justice Ministry Lots of excellent in-depth Reports and data
Institute of Criminology at Victoria University.
Australia and NZ Society of Criminology Australian based but with representation locally.
Crime Prevention through Environmental Design NZ site
Neighbourhood Watch in Hastings
PRYDE The Youth Drug Education group (Hugs not Drugs)
A paper from the NZ Methodist/Presbytarian joint questions committee
Summary of Controlling Crime in New Zealand an excellent and well researched report from the NZ Business Round Table of all people. Even if you disagree with everything else they say, this is still well worth reading (available on site).
A horrific description of the career of one particular criminal.
A worrying description of organised crime and gangs here.
A study of "Restorative Justice" and Family Group Conferences in NZ from an overseas criminology site

Overseas Law and Order sites

CrimeNet Excellent new Australian initiative, placing criminal records on the Net for all to see.
Joan Torrs Army against Crime a grass roots initiative in Western Australia not dissimilar to this one.
Australian Institute of Criminology lots of in-depth info and statistics.
APBnews, a U.S. Crime and Justice site, lots of info. Their "Cybrary" of links is well worth looking into, it has masses of links
National Centre for Policy Analysis in the U.S Has some very good articles and research
For info on Three Strikes, where else but www.threestrikes.org
About.com Crime and Punishment An International US based forum on this issue.
A HUGE U.S. report on what works and what doesn't
Crime-Times A research site for those investigating biological causes for criminal behaviour
Without Conscience A book by Professor Robert Hare PhD, the leading authority on psychopathic criminal behaviour
Bureau of Justice Statistics US Government site, very useful in depth info.
Comparative Criminal Justice Resources masses of links, not all of them work, but still plenty that do.
Crime Statistics Links again, lots of data and links, not all working, but most.
Maricopa County Sheriff they're tough here! This is the famous "chain gang" sheriff in the USA that was in the news a while back
Citizens For Effective Justice Another U.S. site like this one but bigger, and proposing an interesting if scary solution!
Web of Justice A US site, very comprehensive
Organised Crime a US Crime Statistics Page, has collated data and links to Statistics US and worldwide
Japan Criminal Policy Society For a different perspective on how to do it - and do it properly. When you're done, come and sort out our mess, guys!
Singapore Police Force look at the stats on this site. Compare them with ours. Sobering.
For more links to statistics and data, go to our International Crime Statistics page

Victim sites

Victim Support New Zealand
Auckland Rape Crisis for victims of one of the foulest of crimes
A victims family uses the net to warn of a perpetrator. Victims will increasingly empower themselves in this manner
An NZ site for Accident Victims and those dealing with the ACC, an area which does overlap with that of crime victims somewhat.
Justice for James Bulger set up on behalf of the victims' family in the UK.
Victim Support in Adelaide Australia
Victims of Crime Association of Queensland Australian State Government site.
Canadians against Violence (CAVEAT), an excellent Victims Support group in Canada
Balancing the Scales an excellent report on victims rights in Canada
One of the positive outcomes, a good victims rights law in Alberta
From Pain to Power A USA Victim Support Group
Office for the Victims of Crime A US Government Initiative. Were that our Government were half so responsive..
National Center for Victims of Crime USA
Justice Information Center Victims Pages USA
Justice For All An excellent private victims lobby group in the USA
Victims of Crime and Leniency And another good one
Speak Out Survivors And more yet!
Parole puts a clear, concise case against parole of violent offenders, backed by research data
Murder Victims USA
Crime Victims United of California USA, obviously.
Sexual Abuse Index A comprehensive child abuse prevention resource.
And last but definitely not least, a very interesting initiative enabling victims to track an offender anytime, anyplace. This is how parole information should be done. VINE Group, plus a similar initiative in the UK, the Criminal Records Bureau.

Political Parties in alphabetical order

Aeotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party
Christian Heritage
Natural Law Party
NZ First
Some have sound, rational policies for Law and Order, and some are mad as snakes. We leave it to you to decide which is which...
Or make your opinion known here at Vote.co.nz!

Other Referendum/Political Sites

NZ Televoting site NZ Super Democratic Party. A small but growing party promoting a new form of democracy which has considerable merit
Put MP's on Employment Contracts Interesting site, nicely designed too
The Hubris-Nemisis Group A NZ Political Accountability Group
Free NZ Party and Referendum A small local site
Referenda.co.nz A NZ site promoting Referendums in general


The NZ Herald an awesome site, complete with a brilliant searchable archive. Anyone who doesn't think NZ has a crime problem should search on the keyword "Police", then look at all the stories. Click on >>10 to see the next 10. Keep clicking. It doesn't end! Dont get Repetitive Strain Injury.
The Press in Christchurch
The Otago Daily Times Dunedin
Kiwinews, a local internet news provider Comes complete with interesting and thoughtful editorial comments from the owner. Well worth looking at for an alternative take on current events.
Stuff has some very good articles, sometimes better than the Herald above.
Scoop carries material from various sources including Sunday Star Times
Xtra also have online news as part of their service
Sunday Star Times Contact info only. Excellent paper, but unfortunately not online as yet
Soapbox.co.nz An excellent new opinion column site, well worth a look

Search Engines

Google this one leaves all the other international ones for dead
SearchNOW an excellent local one, lots of relevant hits
Search NZ a good local one
Yahoo! NZ We like this one, they put us top of 10,000 hits for "Law and Order Referendum"!
NZ Explorer Local - basic but fast and effective
Clickit an interesting local one that actually shows screenshots of the relevant pages
NZPages local
Utopia local
Te Puna Web Directory The National Library's own web directory
Anzwers Australia/NZ
NZ Information Directory
Northern Light recommended to us

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