The Law and Order Referendum

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Law and Order Referendum Multimedia Page

Please note this section is still under construction, with more clips to come. If I get more space later, I may also put up clips in DivX format, plus some bigger, higher quality ones suitable for those blessed with large quantities of bandwidth or patience :-)

This page has all the video and audio clips on this site collected in the one place, for your convenience. I've used two formats for the video. Most are in mpeg4 format, (encoded with the Indeo video codec) which will play in Windows Media Player with comes with Windows 98 and 2000, later versions of Quicktime, Indeo Player and many other media players. I also have some of them in Realvideo as well, which will require the Realplayer which you can download further down this page.

If you're short of a player, you can download the Indeo player here for Windows 95,98 and 2000, Windows NT, and Mac. I dont know what there is for Linux users. You can also download the Indeo Video 5.11 codec I used there as well, its lovely.

There is just one audio clip, a long one of Norm Withers on NewstalkZB. It is encoded in .wma format which is slightly smaller and better quality, but needs later versions of Window Media Player, and as an MP3, which will play in almost anything but is of lower audio quality. Indeo's video player also does audio if you need one.


There are a couple of very brief dropouts in this audio clip, originating from the source tape.
Norm on Newstalk (Windows Media) 322K 6 min 30
Norm on Newstalk (mp3) 382K 6 min 30

Video in MPEG4 format (more coming)

These two clips are from Holmes just after the Kylie Jones tragedy, with Norm asking the hard questions, and Greg Stenbeck, Kylies fiances' father, stating some home truths.

Norm on Holmes 2 min 25 sec 1.55 Mb
Greg Stenbeck on Holmes 1 min 21 sec 984 Kb
This was at the funeral of Kylie Jones.

These three video clips are from an Australian 60 Minutes documentary not shown here about the Mongrel Mob and the Lawton family incident in Invercargill.

Intro to evil 1 min 29 sec, 996 Kb
Blatant intimidation 51 sec, 663 Kb
Open boasting about rapes 1 min 14 sec, 846 Kb

These two clips are about the murder of security guard Hugh Mills by Dennis Sandilands in Hastings in November 1999 and his intimidation of his family

Intro on Holmes 1 min 19 sec, 1 Mb
The family's ordeal 3 min 00 sec, 2.07 Mb

Video in Real format

These three video clips are the same as the three above about the Mongrel Mob and the Lawton family incident in Invercargill, but in the more compact but lower quality Realvideo format.

Realvideo clip on the Mongrel Mob and the Lawton family 2 min 12 sec 336 Kb
See the Mongrel Mob openly boasting about their rapes 1 min 46 sec 274 Kb
Or this display of blatant intimidation 1 min 9 sec 176 Kb

Download Realplayer here

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