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The Mongrel Mob: In their Own Words

Staunch cover

These excerpts (except for one quote) are from the book "Staunch : Inside the Gangs" by Bill Payne which you can buy here at FlyingPig.co.nz.

"There is one right in the world, and that right is one's own strength"
The above quote is not from a gang member, although it might as well have been, it describes their philosophy in a nutshell. Who said it then? Adolf Hitler. Unsurprisingly, swastikas are commonly seen tatooed on gang members and on their houses....

Quotes from an interview with a Mob member

Interviewer : "Is there such a thing as a typical Dog (Mobster)?"

Mob member : "Rape, kill and plunder! (Laughs) A typical Dog? To live like a Dog for the rest of your life and take all, and do all, that comes with it. And don't get stood on by no outsider."

Interviewer : "The Mongrel Mob are associated with a lot of violence. Do you ever worry about the spiritual backlash of murdering, raping or maiming somebody?"

Mob member : "If you don't care about anything outside the Mob then you don't have any guilty feelings or anything"

Later in the interview

"We hate everybody and f**k, I mean everybody!"

"They should have stopped us from the day we started."

Quote from a interview with Harry Tam, Dunedin Mob spokesman

"But the Mob philosophy is give it or we'll take it and I've lived by that philosophy every step of the way. Like, when I apply for some money you'd better give it to me or I'm going to bloody take it."

To finish off, a quote from an interview with a prison officer

Interviewer "They see rapists as good?"

Prison Officer "Yes they do. One of them was a rapist - one of the top Mob members - and he's treated with great respect. And inherent in that respect is the fact that he'd raped." .......

"....and they said that even when a woman said no she meant yes."

See the Mob openly boast about their rapes;
here in MPEG4 format 1 min 14 sec, 846 Kb compatible with Windows Media Player and others
or here in Realvideo format 1 min 46 sec 274 Kb

Go to the homepage or the Multimedia page for more videos about gang intimidation and violence. Or see these horror stories about the gang rape of a 15 year old girl or the rape of a 13 year old child by Chad Puru, the former president of the Mob's Chrischurch chapter. Seems we can add paedophilia to the long list of Mongrel Mob offences against common decency.

Dean Hiroki rapist Mob member

Other gang members were also interviewed, and although there is no doubt that a number of rapes have also been done by Black Power, Nomads, and others, none were so blatant and unrepentant about it as the Mongrel Mob. It is also true that a number of gangs, such as the Epitaph Riders and others declined to be interviewed. Still, the picture is abundantly clear.

Dean Hiroki, a Mob rapist with 17 pages of convictions. Picture from North and South article July 2000.

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