The Law and Order Referendum

and other related issues in New Zealand



This data here and these sets of data from the Singapore Police Force site is illuminating.

Singapore is an especially interesting country for the purposes of comparison with New Zealand, as it is roughly the same size (about 3.5 million in 1999 as compared to our 3.9 million approx as of 2000) and it is also a multicultural, industrialised nation. There are four main languages spoken, Malay, English, Chinese (Mandarin), and Tamil, representing the four main cultural blocks, all with different religious beliefs and value systems.

Normally this would be a bit of a recipe for strife, but the Singapore Government seems to have succeeded in creating a safe, relatively crime free nation state for all its peoples. Perhaps we need to go to them for a few tips in how to pull this off. Their legal system is not without its flaws, for instance they still retain a creaking antique of a law against same sex orientation, God knows why, but overall their system is working better than ours.

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