The Petition

Please read the Volunteer page before printing the petition form. If you do not have a printer, click here.

Links to the petition images are below. If you have a program that can print BMP images (almost all paint programs), please download and print one of the forms in BMP format. 

To download, hold down Shift and click the link (greyscale is best), then save the file to a directory).

If you cannot print BMP files, click here.
Greyscale Petition  (Much more clear than the petition form below, should work on colour and B&W printers) BMP format
2-colour Petition  (If you have trouble printing the Greyscale petition form on a B&W printer, try this) BMP format

After downloading the file, load and print it in your paint program (or other program).

P.S. If your program has a "fit to page" option, it should be helpful to turn it on.

To Print the Petition in your Browser:
To stop the date and URL being printed on top of the form
in Netscape:

Click "File" in the upper left of your Netscape window, then click "Page Setup...".

When the Page Setup window is displayed, uncheck (turn off) all checkboxes in the "Header" and "Footer" boxes, then click "OK".

in Internet Explorer:

Click "File" in the upper left of your Internet Explorer window, then click "Page Setup...".

When the Page Setup window is displayed, delete the text in the "Header" and "Footer" text boxes, then click "OK".


Click on the "Greyscale Petition" link below. After the image has loaded completely, press the "Print" button in your browser toolbar (alongside the "Back" etc. buttons). Alter any settings if necessary, then click "OK".
Greyscale Petition GIF format


If you experience problems, please send E-mail to and we will reply as soon as possible.

If you cannot print this form, click here.