Anyone can be a volunteer and collect signatures from their family, neighbours, friends, etc.
Please remember that only New Zealand residents who are on the electoral roll may sign the petition, and those who have already signed cannot sign again.

Names and addresses should be printed in block capitals, the FULL name must be given, and the address must be the same as the one on the electoral roll, or the signature will be disallowed.

All signed forms must be collected and sent to Mr Norm Withers at:

Norm Withers Menswear
266 Wairakei Road
Christchurch   5
by the 7th of May  (1999).

Thank you for your help.

A Letter From Mr. Norm Withers:

Dear Volunteer

I sincerely thank you for volunteering support in helping to make my Citizens' Initiated Referendum on Violent Crime Penalties and Justice Reform a success.

Due to the recent rejection of some signatures, we have only until 7 May to get a minimum of 30,000 signatures, but we are going to get more than that with your help.  I go back to Parliament by 12 May 1999. Only New Zealand residents on the electoral roll who haven't already signed, will be counted.

May I suggest running off some copies of the enclosed forms and dispersing them to friends, family, corner dairies, busy shops, garages etc. - takeaways are particularly good.

Please note: Some people get confused with the wording 'minimum penalties' on the form and they think it should read maximum. However, a minimum penalty is actually stronger, e.g. say maybe for a particular crime a maximum sentence is ten years, the Judge gives seven and the criminal gets out in five years. I'm campaigning for a minimum sentence of ten years for the same crime, but he may get twelve years.  The hard labour is not slave labour, but supervised work for some pay, part of which can go to the victim and part towards their up-keep which means a lesser burden on the tax payer.

Thank you so much for your help. Let's do it together!

Kindest Regards

Norm Withers

P.S. Please post forms back by 7 May 1999.

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